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Customer Testimonials


"Our experience with Seattle Environmental Construction, Inc. was a display of great professional conduct, efficient and effective service, and excellent customer service.

SEC's consultants were available to respond to our questions and help us make decisions about what we wanted in our project, around the clock. They also offered to match the lower prices we found during our research. A clear indication  of their desire to satisfy their customers.

We were under time constraints to get our project completed in a week. They worked hard to make sure we met that deadline, going even one step further by completing the project 2 days ahead of schedule.

We are happy with the work they did for us, and the manner in which they conduct their business. We would surely have them work with us again in the future. We also would recommend them to anyone looking for professionals who value excellent service and forming a relationship of understanding with their customer."   -Urban Grace



“We ended up contracting SEC for a second job: furnace removal and asbestos abatement of said furnace. Initially, I had a lower quote from one of the other companies I scanned in the process. However, based on the previous experience I was happy working with the SEC crew so I sent them an e-mail. The owners said they are very competitive and will match quotes if possible. They matched the other quote and did a great job. Because of an incident (truck problems meant a slight delay in completion time) they even took down the final bill.

 I have to also mention that they had to carry out of a house a ginormous furnace and the guys fought with it for a couple of hours to make it work. Impeccable work!”     -Laura T


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“I hate asbestos!  But this team of pros made me happy with my experience.  The professionals at SEC were polite, courteous and very candid about my problem.  They went above and beyond what I expected in regards to set up, cleaning and follow up.  I would not wish asbestos on anyone; however, I would not hesitate to recommend these guys again.”      -  Au N.



"I would absolutely hire these guys again.

We are doing a remodel and after having the dreaded 9 inch tiles tested, we found that they did indeed contain asbestos. I read some online stories about how much it could cost to do an abatement ($400-$15,000; depending on the project!). I talked to some people in the construction business about the dangers of doing it myself with a respirator and suit. My wife wasn't thrilled with that idea, so I promised to check  and use a company if it was under $500.00. I contacted SEC about a quote and happened to catch the owner when I called. He quoted me $375!!!

 They were there for about 4-5 hours (ran a test pre-removal and another post-removal) total. They ran the test sample down to the lab and back in an hour! They cleaned up after themselves and were very friendly.

The owner Thomas even stopped by to check on his crew and make sure I was happy with everything. Very nice guy, solid company, friendly and efficient crew. Really happy to have used them."   
- Derrick C.



"The previous owners at my house had the Internet cable line severed and pulled back into the attic for some reason, and I needed someone to make sure the insulation in the attic wasn't dangerous asbestos. The guy came out, poked his head in the attic, and told me there wasn't enough dangerous material, recommended an electrician who'd be willing to do the job, and didn't even charge me anything because he didn't have to take samples! I'll definitely be working with these guys if I need some more serious work done. They take good care of customers."    - Joshua H.



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